L’ecole for Advanced Studies

Founded in 1998, Lecole is an independent education institute. It provides a learning environment that encourages high expectation for academic success. Lecole’s teaching faculty has proven to be highly skilled, innovative, and committed to preparing students of diverse backgrounds to follow their career paths in Pakistan and abroad. It emphasises excellence in teaching and attention to the academic, social, emotional, and professional development of our students.

Les Pommes Preschool

Les Pommes has been designed to prepare young learners for four years from Playgroup to Kindergarten so they are ready to take on Cambridge Primary education.

School Section

L’ecole School Section provides Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Secondary and Cambridge O-Level education to learners of ages 5 to 16.

College Section

The College Section provides Cambridge A-Level education to learners of ages 16 to 19.

Undergraduate Programme

University of London International Programmes in Law, Economics, Management and Social Sciences, Diploma in Event Management and L’ecole Foundation Programme.

Contact Us

info@lecole.edu.pk  |  021-3584-8792  |  021-3584-8791
211 Khy-e-Shaheen, Phase 8 DHA, Karachi